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Welcome to the DT92 Library.

The DT92 Library is where you can find information about the many and various Football books and magazines that have been produced over the years. It's an ongoing project to catalogue them and as ever we're gratetful to everyone who has helped with informtion.

This is a collabortive project so we welcome any assistance you can give, whether it's adding reviews and comments or loading new scans of publications you've got in your collection.

The idea is that fans will use your comments and recomendations to identify the best books to buy about their team or a particular subject.

You'll have to bear with us while we get the Library up and running but for now you can check out the League Review and Programmes section, which already contain a lot of content. Also have a look at the Groundhoppers section because this contains downloadable copies of the books produced by John Aitken and his team detailing all major UK grounds and teams.




You can load programme & ticket images to enhance your game displays. These are the latest programmes added to the site.

If you have a large collection, please get in touch as we would like to load one programme per team per season if possible. Check the Programmes section to see how we're getting on.

Doing the 92 is a free website run for football fans by football fans.
Please contact us if you've got any questions, ideas or content you'd like to see added.