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"Famous Footballers" (1925)
By Card
This display shows the fronts of every card in this set currently loaded to the Museum.
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Card number 11.

Fred Tunstall
Sheffield United

Card number 12.

John McKay
Blackburn Rovers

Card number 13.

Billy Emerson

Card number 14.

Dave Rollo
Blackburn Rovers

Variant card number 14.

Dave Rollo
Blackburn Rovers

Card number 15.

Alfie Harland

Card number 16.

Fred Keenor
Cardiff City

Card number 17.

Pat Nelis
Wigan Borough

Card number 18.

Jack Cock
Plymouth Argyle

Card number 19.

Vic Watson
West Ham United

Card number 20.

Gerry Morgan
Nottingham Forest

Card number 21.

Jack Smith
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 22.

Ernie Islip
Birmingham City

Card number 23.

Tommy Roberts

Card number 24.

Harry Bedford

Card number 25.

Billy Butler
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 26.

Ted Vizard
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 27.

Johnny Duncan
Leicester City

Card number 28.

Billy Stage

Card number 29.

Tom Wilson
Huddersfield Town

Card number 30.

Percy Barton
Birmingham City

Card number 31.

Andy Kennedy

Card number 32.

Sam Wadsworth
Huddersfield Town

Card number 33.

Dick Pym
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 34.

Arthur Dorrell
Aston Villa

Card number 35.

Willie Robb

Card number 36.

Bill Rawlings

Card number 37.

Frank Womack
Birmingham City

Card number 38.

Jimmy Gill
Cardiff City

Card number 39.

Bert Gray
Oldham Athletic

Card number 40.

Albert Pape
Manchester United

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