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Current League: LEAGUE OF IRELAND (Level 1)  
Founded: 1928  
Club Website  
Home Grounds From To Current Home

Micky Adams
  From 2015 To 2015   (manager)
Seamus Coleman
  From 2006 To 2009  
Paul Cook
  From 2007 To 2012   (manager)
Dixie Dean
  From 1939 To 1939  
Billy Hamilton
  From 1989 To 1989  
Paul McGee
  From 1970 To 1972  
Paul McGee
  From 1975 To 1977  
Paul McGee
  From 1983 To 1984  
Paul McGee
  From 1985 To 1985  
Paul McGee
  From 1990 To 1991  
Paul McGee
  From 1991 To 1992  
Alan Moore
  From 2008 To 2009  
Jimmy Mullen
  From 1996 To 1997   (manager)
Nicky Reid
  From 1997 To 2009  
Lawrie Sanchez
  From 1994 To 1995   (player/manager)
Pat Sharkey
  From 1970 To 1971  

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