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Current League: FIRST DIVISION (Level 2)  
Founded: 1930  
Club Website  
Home Grounds From To Current Home
Kilcohan Park
Regional Sports Centre

Alan Biley
  From 1988 To 1989  
Robbie Blake
  From 1995 To 1996   (on-loan)
Shay Brennan
  From 1970 To 1974   (player/manager)
Jim Craig
  From 1974 To 1974   (player/manager)
Mike Flanagan
  From 1999 To 2000   (manager)
Bert Gray
  From 1938 To 1938  
Alfie Hale
  From 1956 To 1957  
Alfie Hale
  From 1966 To 1974  
Alfie Hale
  From 1969 To 1970   (manager)
Alfie Hale
  From 1982 To 1988   (manager)
Alfie Hale
  From 1982 To 1983  
Alfie Hale
  From 1991 To 1993   (manager)
Colin Harper
  From 1978 To 1978   (player/manager)
Noel Hunt
  From 2001 To 2002   (on-loan)
Noel Hunt
  From 2018 To 2018  
Tony Macken
  From 1972 To 1974  
Tony Macken
  From 1985 To 1987  
Con Martin
  From 1956 To 1959  
Paul McGee
  From 1985 To 1985  
Shane O'Connor
  From 2017 To 2917  
Alex Stevenson
  From 1956 To 1960   (manager)

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