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Current League: ARGENTINA  
Home Grounds From To Current Home

Christian Bassedas
  From 2003 To 2004  
Hugo Colace
  From 2006 To 2008  
Mauro Formica
  From 2006 To 2011  
Mauro Formica
  From 2015 To 2017   (on-loan)
Mauro Formica
  From 2018 to now  
Gabriel Heinze
  From 1996 To 1997  
Gabriel Heinze
  From 2012 To 2014  
Diego Maradona
  From 1993 To 1994  
Mauricio Pochettino
  From 1989 To 1994  
Maxi Rodriguez
  From 2001 To 2002  
Maxi Rodriguez
  From 2012 To 2017  
Maxi Rodriguez
  From 2019 to now  

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