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Current League: SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP (Level 1)  
Founded: 1929  
Club Website  
Home Grounds From To Current Home
Victoria Park (Ross County)

Charlie Adam
  From 2004 To 2005   (on-loan)
John Buchanan
  From 1969 To 1970  
Chris Burke
  From 2016 To 2017  
Jimmy Calderwood
  From 2011 To 2011   (manager)
Don Cowie
  From 2000 To 2007  
Don Cowie
  From 2018 to now  
Owen Coyle
  From 2000 To 2001   (on-loan)
Andrew Davies
  From 2015 To 2018  
Chris Eagles
  From 2017 To 2019  
Liam Fontaine
  From 2018 to now  
Mark Fotheringham
  From 2012 To 2013  
David Goodwillie
  From 2016 To 2016   (on-loan)
Mark Hateley
  From 1999 To 1999  
Jackson Irvine
  From 2014 To 2015   (on-loan)
Jackson Irvine
  From 2015 To 2016  
Scott Leitch
  From 2006 To 2007   (manager)
Jay McEveley
  From 2016 To 2017  
Gary McSwegan
  From 2004 To 2006  
Abdoulaye Meite
  From 2015 To 2015  
David N'Gog
  From 2018 To 2018  
Jim O'Brien
  From 2017 To 2017   (on-loan)
Jim O'Brien
  From 2017 To 2018   (on-loan)
Ivan Sproule
  From 2013 To 2014  
Martin Woods
  From 2014 To 2015  
Martin Woods
  From 2014 To 2015  
Martin Woods
  From 2015 to now  

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