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Godfrey Phillips
"The Pinnace Collection" (1922)
By Card
This display shows the fronts of every card in this set currently loaded to the Museum.
Click on a card to jump to the 'By player' display featuring that card.

Card number 1.

Charlie Wallace
Oldham Athletic

Card number 2.

Andy Ducat

Card number 3.

Tommy Weston
Aston Villa

Card number 4.

Sam Hardy
Aston Villa

Card number 5.

Sam Taylor
The Wednesday

Card number 6.

Fred Bullock
Huddersfield Town

Card number 7.

Sandy Mutch
Huddersfield Town

Card number 8.

Billy Smith
Huddersfield Town

Card number 9.

Walter Rowley
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 10.

Ted Vizard
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 12.

Joe Smith
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 13.

Sidney Dawson
Grimsby Town

Card number 14.

Harry Storer
Derby County

Card number 17.

Harry Millership
Rotherham County

Card number 19.

Herbert Lounds
Rotherham County

Card number 21.

Alf Quantrill
Preston North End

Card number 22.

Harry Wightman
Derby County

Card number 23.

Jack Atkin
Derby County

Card number 24.

Noah Burton
Nottingham Forest

Card number 25.

George Elliott

Card number 28.

Bill Ellerington

Card number 29.

Joe Lane

Card number 30.

Percy Barton
Birmingham City

Card number 31.

Jackie Whitehouse
Birmingham City

Card number 32.

Frank Womack
Birmingham City

Card number 35.

Joseph Halliwell

Card number 36.

Jack Gittins

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