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Welcome to Your 92.


Welcome back!


I'm afraid the site is under constant web-crawling attacks at the moment, presumably by companies harvesting data for their AI offerings. We'll have to hide all our data behind a login going forward and will be slowly doing this over Xmas. Please give us a little time to get this done and hopefully we'll be running smoothly and efficiently again shortly! Pat

We'd like to say a big welcome back to Wrexham and Notts County after their time in the National League and both will be looking to kick-on after promotion.

Although most people visit the site to register their games seen at each of the 92 League grounds, we also know many of you like to register games at non-League and foreign grounds as well. Thanks to everyone who has helped get the Leagues up to date for the new season, in particular Tony Preston, without who we would still be doing them at Xmas.

We also hope you find our Stats Zone useful - it still contains more information than most, if not all, other free football sites. The Football Card Museum now features over 30,000 cards, and is still expanding. Our Library needs some work but we'd like thank everyone who has been adding match programmes over the last year. Our aim each season is to have one cover per club, so if you can add any, or have a collection you'd like to add, please let us know.

One of the things we know we need to deal with is the speed of the site when entering a game. The number of teams and grounds in the database means the current method simply takes too long to load on slow internet connections. The good news is we're working on a new version and if you wish to use it you'll just need to login and then register your username here: REGISTER. You'll need to read the instructions carefully, but once registered you'll be able to use both the current site and the new mobile-friendly one interchangeably.

I'd like to thank everyone for their help with the site - it wouldn't be half as good without you all!

8 Aug 2023


Using the site

Add your games and then look through the displays to see how close to visiting all 92 current League grounds you have come over time.

Click on the Add Your Games button in the menu and then select one of the methods to enter your games. Remember that you need to Sign In first - click on the link in the top right corner to do that. You'll then see your user name and your current DT92 Count displayed there. (Your DT92 Count is the number of current League grounds you have seen a game at - it will still be called your DT92 count for now).

Once you've added some games, go through the various displays under Your Games to see how you're getting on. The site automatically works out your DT92 Count over time, taking into account ground moves, promotions and relegations. Warning, some of the displays take a while to build so be patient!

Click on Your Profile to change your User name, log your favourite teams etc.

If you're interested in how other fans are getting on, click on the Other Fans button to see how your DT92 Count compares.


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