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Add Games.

There are three different ways to enter a game you have seen to the site. Click on a heading to select the one you want to use:


This method allows you to tick boxes next to games played by a League team. You can tick all the games you have seen that team play for the selected season and then click the Add Games button to add them to the database.


This method allows you to enter a date and part of a team name to quickly find a game that's already in the database.

This will work for all League and most Cup games. It will also work for other games that other members have already entered.


IMPORTANT! - The original method of entering your games will shortly be removed.

The good news is that it is being replaced with a new method, which is easier to use and which works on all devices.

You just need to login and then register your username here: REGISTER. You'll need to read the instructions carefully, but once registered you'll be able to use both the current site and the new mobile-friendly one interchangeably.


Games entered using methods 1 and 2 only appear in the Chronological display if they were played at a League ground you visited for the first time.
All games appear in the By Season - Games display.

If you would like a game to appear in the Chronological display, simply click on the pencil icon to the right of the game in the By Season display. You will see a new option near the bottom of the Change Game panel that lets you choose whether the game will appear in the Chronological display. Note that you do not get this option for games that are part of your Groundcount, ie your first visit to a ground.

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