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Stamford Bridge

Wednesday, December 7th, 1932

International Friendly
Attendance: 40,000



Sammy Crooks (5), Jimmy Hampson (27), Eric Houghton (77), Jimmy Hampson (82)
Karl Zischek (58, 87), Matthias Sindelar (80)

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Harry Hibbs (GK)
Cap number 13
Birmingham City
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Ernie Blenkinsop (LB)
Cap number 25
Sheffield Wednesday
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Roy Goodall (RB)
Cap number 20
Huddersfield Town
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Ernie Hart (CH)
Cap number 4
Leeds United
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Eric Keen (LH)
Cap number 1
Derby County
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Alf Strange (RH)
Cap number 14
Sheffield Wednesday
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Sammy Crooks (OR)
Cap number 15
Derby County
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Eric Houghton (OL)
Cap number 7
Aston Villa
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Jimmy Hampson (CF)
Cap number 3
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Billy Walker (Capt.) (IL)
Cap number 18
Aston Villa
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David Jack (IR)
Cap number 9
GKRodolphe Hiden
RBKarl Rainer
LBKarl Sesta
HBKarl Gall
HBJosef Smistik
HBWalter Nausch
ORKarl Zischek (58) (87)
IRFriedrich Gschweidl
CFMatthias Sindelar (80)
ILAnton Schall
OLAdolf Vogl
1932 /33

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