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FKS Publishers
"World Cup Soccer Stars Mexico 70" (1970)
By Card
This display shows the fronts of every card in this set currently loaded to the Museum.
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Card number 1.

Jeff Astle
West Bromwich Albion

Card number 2.

Alan Ball

Card number 3.

Gordon Banks
Stoke City

Card number 4.

Colin Bell
Manchester City

Card number 5.

Peter Bonetti

Card number 6.

Bobby Charlton
Manchester United

Card number 7.

Jack Charlton
Leeds United

Card number 8.

Allan Clarke
Leeds United

Card number 9.

Terry Cooper
Leeds United

Card number 10.

Colin Harvey

Card number 11.

Emlyn Hughes

Card number 12.

Norman Hunter
Leeds United

Card number 13.

Geoff Hurst
West Ham United

Card number 14.

Mick Jones
Leeds United

Card number 15.

Brian Labone

Card number 16.

Francis Lee
Manchester City

Card number 17.

Paul Madeley
Leeds United

Card number 18.

Bobby Moore
West Ham United

Card number 19.

Ian Storey-Moore
Nottingham Forest

Card number 20.

Alan Mullery
Tottenham Hotspur

Card number 21.

Henry Newton
Nottingham Forest

Card number 22.

Keith Newton

Card number 23.

Martin Peters
West Ham United

Card number 24.

Paul Reaney
Leeds United

Card number 25.

Peter Shilton
Leicester City

Card number 26.

Peter Simpson

Card number 27.

Alex Stepney
Manchester United

Card number 28.

Nobby Stiles
Manchester United

Card number 29.

Peter Thompson

Card number 30.

Tommy Wright

Card number 31.

Alf Ramsey

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