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This page contains a chronological list of games attended by this user. It also includes details of clubs moving grounds, and getting promoted or relegated from the League. The scores on the left are a running total of the number of (C) Current league grounds visited. and (T) Total number of league grounds visited over time.

Grounds that have never been one of the 92 are not included in the figures. If a game was seen at a non-league ground that is subsequently used for league football then it is registered when first used as a league ground. League grounds hosting friendlies or testimonials can be included, as long as both clubs put out their first team.

Having written to every club to ask permission to use their crest we were pleased that only 5 of the entire 92 objected. Big thanks to all the clubs that sent us copies of their crest to use as well.

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C T Date Teams Ground Competition/
New Ground
Score Attn   Edit
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Current DT92 Ground count: 0
Most current League grounds visited at any point in time: 0
Total number of League grounds visited: 0
Total number of grounds visited (League, non-League, abroad - everywhere): 0
Total number of games registered: 0
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