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What is Doing The 92?

There are usually 92 Football League grounds in England (and Wales), and the aim is to see a game at each one. (On this site we use 'Football League' to describe the top four divisions in England. We know it's wrong, but old habits die hard.)

For 2020/21 there are actually only 91 League grounds to visit currently, but we still talk about 'Doing the 92' on the site.

Okay, I'm a ground-hopper but why would I use this site?
Doing the 92 has become more difficult over the last few years as the trend to relocate has taken hold, not to mention automatic relegation/promotion to and from the Football League. The aim of this site is to make things easy for fans to keep track of the number of grounds they've visited. Once you've entered some games, check the Chronological display to see a list of the games, and a running total of the current grounds you've visited.

Is it expensive?
It costs quite enough visiting one ground, let alone all 92, so this site is still FREE to use. Simply click on the Logon button and sign-up for an account. Otherwise, just have a click around to see what data we've currently got stored. We're expanding the site all the time so feel free to contact us if there's something you'd like to see added.

Which games can be added?
Any game can be added, even if we don't currently have the teams in the database. Most people use the site to keep track of away grounds they've visited, but some use it to keep track of every game they've been to. Some even use it to log games they've seen on TV, which is as good a sign of the times as you're likely to get.

Which games qualify for the 92?
We get asked this a lot. The rules we follow are below, but feel free to use your own and only enter the games you want to count.


The DT92 Rules

Well, not so much Rules as Guidelines because everyone has their own version of what constitutues a game that counts towards the 92.

Hopefully ours are not too draconian or bizarre, and you're welcome to use the site even if you don't want to follow our guidelines - simply enter the games you feel happy counting.

Our Guidelines are as follows:

  • You have to attend a game of football at the ground. This is probably the strictest rule but we feel that this is a football passion, not an architectural or photographic one. So cricket at Northampton doesn't count. And don't even get us started on American Football.
  • It must be a current League ground. Only grounds currently being used as a venue for Home games by Premier League or Football League clubs count. That's why the site is called what it is.
  • Tickets must have been on sale for the game (even if you got yours free). This means that pre-season kick-abouts don't count. Proper First-Team pre-season friendlies are fine.
  • You have to have made the effort to attend the entire game. If you miss the first-half because you were stuck on the M25 then that's okay (well, not okay for you but the game still counts). We get challenged on this a lot so have decided to say you must either see the kick-off of both halves, or the final whistle of both halves to qualify. We know this won't satisfy everybody but it accomodates people who get stuck in traffic on the way to the game, or have to leave early to catch the last train.
  • No proof of attendance is required. You can now add a scan of the match program or ticket as a sort of proof that you attended a game. You can also load photos you've taken of the ground and game.
  • We used to say that redeveloped grounds only count as 'new' grounds if the postcode changes. But, having given this some thought, we now say a ground is only 'new' if it is not possible for the old and new pitch to completely co-exist at the same time. So the new Dean Court is not a 'new' league ground because its pitch shares some of its footprint with the original Dean Court. The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium however does not share the footprint of its pitch with the old White Hart Lane pitch, so it counts as a new ground.
  • You only need to visit a ground once for it to count. If all the teams using the ground are relegated from the League, and then one of them is subsequently promoted back again, any games previously seen at the ground still count.
  • Promoted grounds count. Similarly, if you see a game (that meets the above rules) at a non-League ground that subsequently becomes part of the 92, your original visit counts. This is a contentious one, but we like it because it's a bit of a bonus card.

The 5 most recent games in the database:


User Date Teams Ground Competition Score Attn
OutOfTheBlue 21Jul2024 FC Isle of Man v Radcliffe The Bowl (Douglas, Isle of Man) 1st Team Friendly
OutOfTheBlue 21Jul2024 Chester v Lancaster City The Bowl (Douglas, Isle of Man) 1st Team Friendly
tranmeremadmark 20Jul2024 Llandudno FC v Newport County Maesdu Park Premier League 3-0
giorgiopin 20Jul2024 HJK Helsinki v FC Haka Bolt Arena Veikkausliiga 2-0 6329
Sidseagull 20Jul2024 Whitehawk v Ashford Town (Middlesex) Enclosed Ground 1st Team Friendly 4-1 75


Doing the 92 is a free website run for football fans by football fans.
Please contact us if you've got any questions, ideas or content you'd like to see added.