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Wembley Stadium

Wednesday, October 21st, 1953

International Friendly
Attendance: 96,000


The Rest of Europe

Stan Mortensen (8), Jimmy Mullen (43, 49), Alf Ramsey (pen 90)
Ladislav Kubala (pen 5), Giampiero Boniperti (15, 39), Ladislav Kubala (64)

  Walter Winterbottom

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 01  Gil Merrick (G)
Cap number 15
Birmingham City
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 02  Alf Ramsey (FB)
Cap number 31
Tottenham Hotspur
 90 (pen)
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 03  Bill Eckersley (FB)
Cap number 15
Blackburn Rovers
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 04  Billy Wright (Capt.) (CH)
Cap number 53
Wolverhampton Wanderers
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 05  Derek Ufton (CH)
Cap number 1
Charlton Athletic
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 06  Jimmy Dickinson (WH)
Cap number 30
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 07  Stanley Matthews (OR)
Cap number 34
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 08  Stan Mortensen (CF)
Cap number 24
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 09  Nat Lofthouse (CF)
Cap number 18
Bolton Wanderers
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 10  Albert Quixall (IF)
Cap number 2
Sheffield Wednesday
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 11  Jimmy Mullen (LW)
Cap number 8
Wolverhampton Wanderers
1Walter Zeman 45
2Joaquin Navarro
3Gerhard Hanappi
4Zlatko Cajkovski
5Josef Posipal
6Ernst Ocwirk (Capt.)
7Giampiero Boniperti (15) (39)
8Ladislav Kubala (pen) (5) (64)
9Gunnar Nordahl
10Bernard Vukas
11Branko Zebec

12Vladimir Beara 45
1953 /54

This game marked the 90th Anniversary of the FA and is still regarded a full international by the FA, but not FIFA, even though the game was billed as being against FIFA and the players wore a FIFA crest on their shirts. FIFA''s position is that a Full International can only be between two affiliated countries, so teams featuring players from multiple countries are no longer eligible. The RoE tried to change their keeper towards the end of the first half but replacements were only allowed to be made at half time.

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