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El Monumental

Sunday, May 17th, 1953

International Friendly
Attendance: 80,000



Abandoned - result stood

  Walter Winterbottom

1Julio Musimessi
2Pedro Dellacha
3José García
4Ernesto Gutiérrez
5Juan Francisco Lombardo
6Eliseo Mouriño
7Carlos José Cecconato
8Osvaldo Cruz
9Ernesto Grillo
10Carlos Lacasia
11Rodolfo Micheli
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 01  Gil Merrick (G)
Cap number 11
Birmingham City
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 02  Alf Ramsey (FB)
Cap number 27
Tottenham Hotspur
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 03  Bill Eckersley (FB)
Cap number 10
Blackburn Rovers
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 04  Billy Wright (Capt.) (CH)
Cap number 48
Wolverhampton Wanderers
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 05  Harry Johnston (CH)
Cap number 4
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 06  Jimmy Dickinson (WH)
Cap number 25
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 07  Tom Finney (F)
Cap number 44
Preston North End
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 08  Ivor Broadis (IF)
Cap number 5
Manchester City
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 09  Nat Lofthouse (CF)
Cap number 13
Bolton Wanderers
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 10  Tommy Taylor (CF)
Cap number 1
Manchester United
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 11  Johnny Berry (W)
Cap number 1
Manchester United
1952 /53

A water-logged pitch meant that play was suspended after 23 minutes. The ref called the game off after 36 minutes when it became clear play would not be able to continue. The result was allowed to stand and this is still considered a full international.

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