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The Oval

Saturday, April 13th, 1889

Home International Championship
Attendance: 10,000



Billy Bassett (15, 17)
Neil Munro (55), James Oswald (82), James McLaren (90)

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Billy Moon (GK)
Cap number 4
Old Westminsters
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PM Walters (Capt.) (RB)
Cap number 11
Old Carthusians
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AM Walters (LB)
Cap number 7
Old Carthusians
Henry Hammond (RH)
Cap number 1
Oxford University
Harry Allen (CH)
Cap number 4
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Jimmy Forrest (LH)
Cap number 10
Blackburn Rovers
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Billy Bassett (OR)
Cap number 3
West Bromwich Albion
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John Goodall (IR)
Cap number 4
Preston North End
John Brodie (CF)
Cap number 2
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Davie Weir (IL)
Cap number 2
Bolton Wanderers
Tinsley Lindley (OL)
Cap number 10
Nottingham Forest
GKJames Wilson
RBWalter Arnott
LBRobert Smellie (Capt.)
HBJimmy Kelly
HBGeorge Dewar
HBJames McLaren (90)
ORJames Oswald (82)
IRWilliam Berry
CFAlexander Latta
ILJohn McPherson
OLNeil Munro (55)
1888 /89

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